I did it!

My submissions to HHG are on their way. I was a little worried at first that I couldn't contribute pillows, but that turned out to be a good thing. It forced me to be more creative and I was able to try some of the things I'd been planning but that I never found the time for. All of which will now be added to my site as products for sale. So, coming soon are (1) tea towels with fabric borders and embroidered motifs from vintage transfer patterns; (2) lavender sachet bundles made from vintage fabrics and tied with vintage grosgrain ribbon; and (3) cards of buttons made from vintage fabric scraps. Sneak peek here:

It's been rainy and cold here in Pennsylvania this spring. Not so perfect for working in my garden, but very good for working indoors in my studio. I've actually been quite busy with graphic design lately (yes, I do that, too), but I always manage to squeeze in a little sewing time no matter how busy I get with other things.

I'm looking forward to another big estate sale this weekend. Memorial Day weekend is the official start of "the season" around here and I'm excited about what things I'll find this year. I've already planned two out-of-my-area trips for later in the summer - one to southeastern PA in July and one to New York state in August. I'll keep you posted on what treasures I find!


Carrie said...

Looks so pretty! I'm *kicking* myself for not taking photos before I shipped my HHG contributions off! Maybe I can find something on the hard drive...

sistermoon said...

I just signed up for your mailer,and I am fascinated by the wealth of artistic comeraderie associated with the "happily Handmade" crew. My husband and I are both artists (he's a graphic designer and awesome illustrator and I'm a...well, I make stuff!). We are both trying to figure out how to escape the 9-5 world and pursue our gifts more fully, but its hard! Do you have any advise? Even trying to get his freelance graphic design capabilities moving is proving to be quite a challenge. We also live in Eastern PA and wonder if its just our stinky economy or what?...Any way, if you have any advice on how to solve any of these problems, please share!!! Also, I saw you are (were?) coming to Southeastern PA for flea markets--we have a great and little known one near us called "Shupp's Grove" in Adamstown--open every Sat and Sun during the summer months (it is an open-air market in the woods). If you're ever in Reading, let us know. We'd love to meet a fellow starving (are you?) artist!!!

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