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I'm not usually awake at 4 am but I just couldn't sleep. We're starting to get some wind and rain from the hurricane now - that's what woke me up. But then I couldn't stop thinking about all the photos of the devastation on the internet yesterday and thinking about what it means to evacuate whole cities. I don't think we even know at this point how bad things really are or how this will impact all of us in the coming weeks and months.

As they've done in the past when one of our own needs help, the crafty community is coming together to raise money to help. Craft Revolution has set up a shop at Etsy with handmade items donated by members of the craft community. All proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund, which provides shelter, medical assistance, and hot meals to victims and rescue workers. The initial goal is to raise $1000.

If you're a crafter please consider donating items. If you're a shopper take a look at the great items listed so far and do what you can to help. You can also make a cash donation through Paypal at the info page below.

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Gina E. said...

Hello Janet, This is me from Patra's Place - I added an E to my name. I am so distressed at what is happening in your beautiful country. I have been glued to Fox News, and I feel so helpless. That is a lovely idea for the crafty people to raise funds for the Red Cross. I don't know if anything will be done in Australia, but if I find something, I will certainly participate. I have put a message on my other blog Patra's Other Place, speaking to all my American Blog Friends, so if you get a chance, please read it.

melissa said...

Janet...are you by any chance the Janet McC. who had an article in a decorating magazine (was it "Victoria" or "Country Home"?) several years ago? I remember some wonderful needlework pillows and I'm connecting them with your name.

Is that you? If so, I LOVED 'em!

janet said...

I know exactly who you're talking about, but it's not me. Funny that we have the same name and are both involved in needle arts though. I checked online and she has a book called "A Show of Hands: Needlepoint Designs", co-authored with Nancy Lindemeyer (who's name is also very familiar). I used to read Victoria and I subscribe to Country Home so I remember seeing the article you mention.

janet said...

Gina, I did read your blog and thank you for the kind words. The situation in New Orleans is unbelievably bad and I won't go into the politics of that, but it's comforting to hear that people in other parts of the world are thinking about us.

As an update, Crafters United has already sent $2000 to the Red Cross and they're well on the way to the $5000 goal. Pretty amazing since it's only been a couple of days since the efforts began.

Thanks so much to all of you who've donated items for sale and those of you who've purchased them. If you haven't checked it out, get on over there!