fruit charms

Don't you love these? They're tiny fruit charms from Earthenwood Studio and when owner Melanie Lukacs emailed recently asking if I’d like to do a swap, I said “sure”.

Melanie is a Michigan-based ceramic artist and she makes these fruit and veggie charms (and other lovely beads, buttons, and jewelry) from her home studio. Using porcelain and a combination of custom molds and hand forming techniques each piece is fired in an electric kiln and finished with colorful glazes. She takes inspiration from a wide variety of disciplines including ancient Chinese and Egyptian ceramics, miniature carvings (Ojime and Netsuke), fantasy artwork, and Anime.

 porcelain buttons

And, if you read jewelry magazines, look for her Harvest Goddess Amulet project in the current issue of Stringing. There’s a picture of it on her blog along with information about her show schedule in case you want to see her things in person.

You’re probably wondering what I’m planning to do with my new charms. I’m not exactly sure yet, but I often work with fruit themes, and they might be a fun accent on some of my fruit pillows—perhaps tied on with a coordinating ribbon.


melanie*earthenwood*studio said...

I am so happy that you like the charms and buttons! I hope to see what you end up making with them!

I love my tissue cozies so much. They are so cute and super handy!

Thanks for swapping
Earthenwood Studio

tlc illustration said...

Wonderful treats! I love them both. I have an ongoing weakness for tiny fruits, and an obsession for buttons. What could be better?

carolyn said...

those friuts & veggies are SO SO great!
Thanks for the links, got to go check 'em out!