Rock the vote

I usually avoid talk of politics on my blog. Like religion and sex, it's generally a topic that stirs up controversy, and a business-related blog like this one isn't really the proper place for it. But whatever your politics, I think we can all agree that voting is a good thing. And I hope you're planning to get out there today to make your voice heard.

I have to admit that I haven't always voted. My parents didn't and I grew up thinking that it didn't really matter who was in office because it didn't impact my everyday life. And that may even have been true at one time, but it's a different story today. Someone once said to me that I didn't have the right to bitch about how things were going if I didn't vote. They were right.

So, if you're not happy (or downright mad) about the direction our country is headed in, get out there and do something about it. The polls just opened here and I'm on my way now to do just that!

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One Little Monkey said...

I'll be voting later today, when my husband gets home! I'm really excited to vote today!

BTW, I'm really looking forward to next week's embroidery stitch!