Shop update

Well, I was going to post pictures today of two new pillows that I added to the website last night. But one of them is already sold. Not that I'm complaining mind you, but wow, that was fast! I'll show you anyway but don't fall in love with the cherry one—it's being packaged up for it's trip to a new home in Louisiana!


Moonlight Owls is made from a stamped-for-embroidery dresser scarf that I bought somewhere in my travels. It was partially done and all I had to do with this half was to finish the owl faces and eyes. The other half hasn't been started so look for a similar owl pillow soon. It's an easy design with mostly straight stitches, so should go quickly once I've started.

To finish the pillow I used some vintage fabrics—a print with red squirrels (isn't he cute?) and pine branches and another with tiny white polkadots on brown. The deep red buttons are also vintage.

Cherry Basket

Tumbling Cherries was made from a towel with a beautifully-embroidered basket of cherries and red blanket stitch trim across the bottom. The towel had some yellow spots on the edges so I cut them off and added some lime green polkadot borders to the sides. The rest uses a Mary Engelbreit print with fruit and teapots. I'm not usually a fan of her fabrics—too sweet maybe—but I liked this one enough to buy it last year and finally found a use for it here.

The buttons are vintage and have an unusual raised diamond center that echoes the diamonds in the fabric. If you haven't noticed, I do that a lot—try to work in subtle little details or visual puns. I don't mention it in my descriptions but I love when people "get" it.

I have a few holiday themed pillows I'm finishing up and will be listing soon. Then I'll be taking a small break to make a wholesale order of sachets and some custom Christmas orders for pillows. This seems unbelieveable to me but Christmas is just six weeks away! Is that scary or what?


charlotte said...

Dang...those pillows are so cute! Not surprised one sold so quickly. Mary would be very happy with the way you used her fabric, and as a bonus, you even spelled her name correctly. Thanks for the link to my site on yours. I returned the favor on my very short list. Your blog is an inspiration to us- beginners. I am way behind everyone in cyberspace, but it's lots of fun to figure out.

janet said...

Ha! I have a friend whose last name is Engelbrecht - and that helps me to remember the correct spelling for Mary's.

Wow, I'm honored that you read my blog. I linked to your site after finding one of your books at the library and because I love your things. I didn't realize you had a blog, or that the Charlotte who's been commenting on mine was you :)

Blogging is tons of fun - you'll be an old hand at it before you know it!

charlotte said...

Thanks so much for your support. I really do appreciate your encouraging, kind words. Absolutely love your site and your darling pillows. So clever and carefully made.