When it rains...

...it floods.

I was all excited about last week's Studio Friday topic "This is Me" and had planned to make my collage on Friday morning. But Friday morning found me cleaning up from a flood we'd had the night before. Believe me, you didn't want to see the "me" I was this weekend—wet, muddy, and very very tired.

The flood actually happened on Thursday night. It had been raining hard all evening and we must have gotten several inches an hour for a couple of hours. It was really dark and I was upstairs working in my studio and not really paying attention. I came downstairs and looked out the back door to see a river of muddy water where my driveway used to be!

We have a runoff creek that comes down the hill behind our house and then behind the garage. It's completely dry most of the time and is there to channel water off the hill when it rains. It flows under the road by way of a tunnel and then into another creek. Well, it rained so hard and so quickly that the channel (and tunnel) filled up with rocks and dirt and the water had no where to go. So it split and went around the front of the garage down the driveway and split again between our woodpiles. And there wasn't anything I could do except watch. Well, I couldn't really see much since it was so dark but I went out and took some pictures in the morning. What a mess!


So, instead of working on Friday, I was outside shoveling mud and rocks from the driveway, rescuing the trash cans that washed across the road into the woods, sweeping water from inside the garage, and moving wood back into the piles. We rented a Bobcat for the weekend and finished cleaning the driveway and diverting the creek back where it's supposed to be.

We've been trying to work on a permanant solution to this problem because this isn't the first time it's happened. Three years ago the creek overflowed and filled our swimming pool with rocks and mud, to the point where it made more sense to just give up and fill it in. We have plans for a sunken garden and will hopefully make progress on that project next spring.

So, I had to give up on Studio Friday and posting over the weekend. But, I'm back today and hope to have this weeks embroidery lesson up later today.


lamplight designs said...

Gosh, how rotten for you...and what a mess. That looks like a LOT of wood to move! Hope you can find a good solution to the runoff problem. In the meantime, I always look forward to your 'stitch of the week' posts! They are great.

tlc illustration said...

Bummer! We can relate out here in Western Washington - had inches and inches of rain with its accompanying flooding, which has finally slowed down in the last week or so. Now it's just the normal chilly, grey, constant drizzle...