Happy Halloween!

I have no big plans for the holiday. When you live out in a rural area, where houses are far apart and it gets dark really early, you don't get a lot of kids trick-or-treating. Nothing like when I was a kid and lived in a complex of garden apartments. Halloween was a huge deal. And, if we hit every apartment, we had enough candy to last until Christmas. Really.

This is a funny story. Our goodie bags would be so loaded after an hour or so of trick-or-treating that we'd stop back to our own apartment to unload. My mom always thought she was buying enough candy but would always run out. So, when we stopped home we'd quickly sort our goodies and give her the things we didn't like. And she'd give them out to the next round of kids that came to our door.

I always remember it being freezing cold on Halloween night but I usually dressed as a gypsy so I'd layer on more clothes or wear long underwear underneath it all. There were some kids who had store-bought costumes but we always made our own. I wonder if kids even do that these days.


DeeAnn said...

I'm consider one of the big houses to go to for Trick or Treating. I kind of live by the mall & parents from neighboring towns have heard about my home & our neighbors home. We both love to spoil & give out so much. Spend more money on Halloween that we do Christmas. I still see some homemade costumes. Most of my kids wear homemade over store bought. Kind of funny because my town isn't really crafty. Happy Halloween

velma said...

My daughter is a lot like me. We love home made, vintage and crafty. Every year she makes the home made costumes for her two boys, and they like it that way. I came from a family of five children. Your description of Halloween night is a lot like mine was as a child. We too would wear home made costumes & empty our sacks of things we didn't like for Mom to recycle. Those were the days! Happy Halloween.

smalltownmom said...

Re your funny story? I did that too.

tammyCA said...

We get the range...some are homemade costumes (Michael Jackson with sparkly glove came last night & a really cute teeny Strawberry shortcake), and then we get some who aren't even dressed up at all - usually the ones who don't say thank you either.
I make my kids costumes every year...it's more fun for me, I think, plus I like the compliments. :) I even managed to make their Trick or Treat bags in the nick of time.
As a kid I remember once having a huge paper grocery bag filled with candy...it busted open and I had to get another from one of the stops. lol.

Anonymous said...

My family didn't have a lot of money so I always wore the same store-bought Carmen Miranda costume year after year. I didn't get tired of it. The mask was so pretty and had a colorful basket of fruit on her head.
I always made my kids' costumes as did my dear friend and neighbor. We have a lot of fun memories from those days. One year the kids, six in all, were Wizard of OZ characters. I remember people kept asking my wizard son if he was Abe Lincoln. I guess costume design is not one of my talents. JZ in VA

Maggie said...

I never bought an Halloween costume in my life! I think that even non sewer can find things at home to turn into costumes. We went through mouses, cows, bees, christmas trees etc..Even though my daughter is 15, she had to dress for school so she went as Little riding hood. I could use patterns I already had and had her help me draw and cut. Next year I decided to ask a charity organization in our neighbourhood to start a project for sewers to help with costumes for kids in need. It will be a good occasion for sewers to show their talents and bring smiles!
OH you can see a picture of little riding hood on my blog if you wish....

Kristin said...

I have very similar memories of halloween. I loved it as a kid! I only hope our kids can enjoy it as much :)

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