ice...not so nice


I don't think I'll be making that trip to the post office today after all :)

It started snowing late yesterday and, luckily, I threw down some salt on the patio as it was starting. That helped today when I had to clean off the ice that formed from the freezing rain that fell on top overnight. It literally lifted off in sheets. Unfortunately that won't happen on the driveway. And it was quite a slippery walk down to the mailbox to mail the small packages that would fit in the box. Thank you post office for online clip-and-ship! At least some of my orders will ship today.

It's been quiet here the past few days. I've been sewing buttons on the baby quilt—almost done with that! And doing some cleaning and organizing. Nothing exciting enough to talk about or show pictures of. Although that dust bunny under the bed was pretty impressive :)

I'm also dealing with changing my address—three pages worth of changes! No, I haven't moved—you would have heard about that. Our county did a big readdressing project to make it easier for 911 to find people. Instead of a rural route box number we'll now have real street addresses, plus our area is getting it's own city name. It will be really nice to have a proper address. You'd be surprised how many places question the address, thinking it's a post office box number. It's not but it's hard to get people who've always lived in a city to understand how it works out here in the country. Yes, FedEx and UPS really do come to my house. But think about all the things you'd need to change and times that by three for the businesses we have. New business cards and letterhead, all the suppliers, payment processors, banks. It's crazy!

I'll make more calls today—it's not like I'm going anywhere!


Melody said...

I know how you feel. When it ices, or rather when the weatherman tells it's going to ice, we have to park an acre up to the top of our hill in the neighbors driveway and then walk out if we go anywhere. Jim makes it fine, but me and my knees...if there is ice we will not attempt that acre slip and slide. We are lucky tho our suburb, Sharonville, keeps the main streets quite well, but outside of Sharonville, it's impossible to guarentee deliveres to home or offices for flowers.
And, watch out for that dust bunny. They multiply as fast as the furry ones!! We have a whole family!! As for your county address mess..I'll keep you in my thoughts. The areas around us are growing sooo fast they can't keep up with it. Making deliveries in the Cincinnati area is quite a feat. If you hear someone say Greater Cincinnati area that includes Northern Ky, South Eastern Indiana, Almost to Dayton, Ohio and almost over to the West Va. line!! and all those new towns, zips, addresses...we really have to watch zips. It's almost a 300 mile circumfence. The post office and wire services for flowers say the closest places that have the same trouble with sprawl is Ft. Worth-Dallas and Los Angeles..wish I was there so much warmer...Oh well, best get back to work. Good luck with your calls.

Brook said...

OH my gosh... ice!!! Scary!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog while searching for vintage daffodil feedsack material! What a cute blog, and what wonderful creations you make! :-)

God Bless,