thank you!

I seem to be very popular lately. I've received two blog awards in the past week and, unfortunately, I'm just getting around to thanking the persons who gave them to me. I'm swamped with work and having computer problems and feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in general. This appears to be an ongoing thing and I hope to be back to normal soon :)

First up is a nice mention of Stitch School and a Best Loved Blog award from Jenny Kerr over at The Kerr Family Blog. She mentions that she's one of a small handful of crafters on the planet not armed with at least one fully automated embroidery machine. I'm part of that group, too, and I'm not sure it's all that small either. There's nothing wrong with doing things the "old fashioned way" if the results are beautiful and the process is something you enjoy doing. For me, embroidery is about the process.

Second is a One Lovely Blog Award from Debbie at Blueberry Plains. This one has some rules, one of which is to link back to the blog it came from. That's done. The second is to pass it on to 15 bloggers who are new to me. This one is going to have to wait. I've been having trouble keeping up with the blogs I already read regularly and finding 15 new ones seems daunting right now. I'll try to do it soon though.

Thanks to both of you and to everyone who continues to read and leave nice comments even though my posting lately has been pretty sporadic.


Marydon said...

Congratulations on your awards. I still like the walk in the woods ... memories of childhood rush in ...
Have a great day. TTFN ~ Marydon

anabellpepper said...

Congrats on your awards!! That is wonderful!!

I just have to add my thanks with the others for putting all this stuff together for people who want to learn stitching! Since I found your blog I have been using it on a ton of paper projects. You can check some of them out in my card blog at http://piecesofpeppers.blogspot.com/ and others in my scrapbooking gallery http://scrapstreet.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=32

It has become an addiction. And when my article in the scrapstreet e-zine gets published your will be getting featured in our Card corner since I put in a link to your fab blog!!