reason to celebrate

Primrose Design is five years old this month! Actually I started before that on a part-time basis, but 2004 is when I got my resale license and my website went live in August of that year. So, this month I'll be posting a little about business issues, what I've learned along the way, etc. If you have any questions you'd like to ask me, now's your chance. Leave a comment here and I'll try to answer. Nothing too personal, please, and don't ask for detailed instructions on how I make things—I'm not giving away all my secrets!

I'm also having a special sale all month—

In case it's too hard to read on the photo (a smaller version of the postcard I sent to my past customer mailing list) the important part is "Use coupon code CUPCAKE for 20% off during August".

The only thing the discount doesn't apply to are custom orders and wholesale, everything else is fair game. I've added some of the baby things I mentioned earlier and tons of great buttons. And I'll be adding more zippered bags and tissue cozies this coming week. You won't find a lot of pillows at the moment because most went to Hello Bluebird last week but I have several more on my work table in various stages of completion. They're on the way!


Head Bitch in Charge said...

Hooray! Congratulations! I've always admired your work :)

I'm finally growing my business to the point where I need to focus more on wholesale. I'm overwhelmed with all the options I have and choices to make. Mostly with things like minimum orders, how to bundle things (sets of 2 or assortments of 6?) and the best way for retailers to contact me and order.

How have you handled growth and what were some unexpected hurdles you faced?

Congrats again and Happy Anniversary!

tammyCA said...

Congratulations on Primrose's Birthday! I have your postcard sitting right in front of me. :)

Melody said...

Happy Birthday Primrose Design!!!
Conghrats to a very creative and inspiring embroidery and fiber art designer!!!

Sweet P said...

Happy Birthday! Being in business for five years in this economy is good.

chammer said...

Happy Fifth Birthday. You are new to me but I enjoy. Keep up the good work.
~ Cheryl

janet said...

HBIC, I'll answer your question about wholesale in an upcoming post. It's a big subject and one that makes me feel overwhelmed, too :)