spontaneous sale


I believe autumn (which I think sounds much better than "fall") officially starts around 5 pm today. I'm posting my greetings slightly early today because I've decided to have a special autumn sale for my blog readers. From now until Friday, take 20% off your order on my website by entering discount code "AUTUMN" when you check out. Treat yourself to something you've had your eye on, do some early holiday shopping, or pick up some supplies (buttons, trims, patterns) for your own crafting needs.

Now, I'm heading up to my studio for a few good solid hours of work. I've spent the last day and a half hanging around downstairs waiting for the phone service guy to arrive and fix the phone. He just left - it was something simple - but it really blew my schedule. I've got a craft show to make product for!


Kevin said...

I love the drawing in this post. So beautiful :)

Off to check out the sale! :)


janet said...

The drawing is from a vintage children's book that was my dads when he was a child - so late 1930s. I love old illustration!