head in the clouds

Not much happening here today. It's cool and rainy and trying to work while battling a sinus headache is proving more difficult than I thought. I can't seem to stay focused on anything for more than a few minutes (kinda cloudy in there), so I'm straightening up my studio and generally puttering around. The sewing for my upcoming craft show is going very well, so I can afford to take a break for a day!

I spent way too much time running around yesterday trying to find the tiny safety pins I use to attach my hangtags. I know I've purchased them at Jo-Ann Fabrics but all I could find were expensive packages of mixed sizes. Back home on the internet I found them in, like, less than a minute. And for a much cheaper price. Same thing with tablecloths for the show. I looked all over the place locally and couldn't find anything suitable. Ten minutes on the internet (there were more choices so it took slightly longer) and I found exactly what I needed. With free shipping, too! I'm a big believer in shopping locally, and at small non-chain stores when possible, but often it's just not cost-effective, or even possible.

I did find the perfect fabrics for my table toppers so the trip wasn't a total loss. One is a darkish lime green—sort of like the green that I use for my logo and printed materials—with big white polka dots. The other is a large-scale floral with white on green. When I decide which I like better I'll make square toppers and turn them on point over the white cloths below. They'll make nice low-key, but not too boring, backdrops for the colorful products set on top.

I still need to sand and paint the vintage tabletop towel rack that I found a few years ago at a local antique store. That's a mindless task so maybe I'll tackle that later today. I'll be hanging some of my embroidered tea towels from the rungs and then stacking the folded plainer towels below. Should be a cute display.

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