black thoughts

I've never been one to enjoy shopping on Black Friday. I hate crowds, dislike traffic, and I don't think there are any bargains that you won't find better deals on closer to Christmas. I really hate that the holidays have become so commercial. So, I stay home. Today I'm trying to decide if I should make the trip to Joann Fabrics because they have flannel on sale for $1.49/yard. That's what I use to line the fabric-covered notebooks and it's a huge savings off the usual $4.99/yard. But it's just today.

I need to pick up a few groceries for dinner, too, but I could go to the small store close to my house rather than the big one near the mall. Did I mention that I hate traffic? Hmmm.

fabric-covered notebook
The fabrics are from Stonehill Collection by Donna Wilder for Fabric Traditions. Love these colors!

For those of you who were asking about those fabric-covered notebooks, I added a dozen new ones to my website this morning. And I've decided to put the holiday-themed tissue cozies in my Etsy shop and hope to do that later today. And look for more of the vintage buttons grab bags, too. They would make great little stocking stuffers for your crafty friends.


AlyGatr said...

I have to say...when we didn't have the kids, we did Black Friday at 4 am once....not fun. I was SOOOOO tempted by the doorbuster Joann's ad...the same $1.99 fabric...then I thought, there isn't any fabric I need that badly right now!

janet said...

Well, I just got back and it was about as bad as I expected it would be. But that flannel was too good to pass up and I got a bunch of thread and buttons for 50% off! I also bought groceries for several days so I won't have to go out again until Monday :)

Shirleymac said...

Black Friday sounds like fun to watch but not participate in. I never like crowds or traffic but this year with the H1N1 I especially hate crowds. We don't have Black Friday in Canada but we have Boxing Day sales (Dec 26) which are probably as bad. Never been to one. I'd like to be a fly on the wall thouhgh.

Sioux B said...

Shopping on Black Friday? Eeew! I will shop on line, so I don't have to find a place to park. I just have to fight the cat for a chair to sit on.

Love the fabrics for the notebooks, and glad the flannel was worth the trip (3 bucks a yard is a worthy bit of savings).

Anonymous said...

It's funny you mention this. I decided to go for the sale on that fabulous cotton yarn that name escapes me... something and creme. In the frenzy, I ended up getting all the fabric for projects I was planning on making for gifts and a fabulous portable quilting workstation and I realized I probably went way over what I was planning on saving.

I ended up only spending 60 dollars! My receipt out of the store said I saved 70. It just took a long time, but worth it, I'd say.

I'd say go for it tomorrow. Sale ends at noon... I'm trying hard not to buy the fancy gingher rotary cutter/ seam ripper for 50 dollars.

Melody said...

We went nowhere near the malls or strip malls. No way no how. We did go to the antique mall tho. busy, bit not packed abd great sales. Folks so nice and friendly.....just a different group of people. Had my last xhow of the season today..went well. I'm pooped...I'm always pooped.
Hope you're havin a great weekend!