crazy busy

I've mentioned before that I'm vending at the AHEA Harvest Craft Show on Saturday, and I've been so busy getting ready. Every morning I make a new list of things to do and then check off as I go down the list. Since I haven't done this show before, there's a lot I don't know — like whether I'll be against a wall and not need risers after all. Whether I'll be able to use my flower banner or not. Luckily I can start setting up tomorrow night and can make some last minute decisions on fixtures and props. As far as product goes I'm all done except for the finishing touches on an embroidered tea towel. It's been a busy month!

a new product created for the show—fabric-covered notebooks

My camera batteries are charging as we speak, so I promise to take pictures of my booth. I know I always love to see what other crafters are doing - so many creative display ideas! Mine will be a mix of vintage (circular button rack, painted wood towel rack, baskets and bowls) and modern (lime green trays from Target!). I'll finally get to put some of the props I've been collecting for years to use!

So wish me luck and, if you're able to attend the show, stop by and say hello.


blushing rose said...

Good luck & make a bundle ($$$$, that is).

TTFN ~ Marydon
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Sioux B said...

Best of luck, Janet! We're looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Shirleymac said...

I just ran across your site. It's awesome! Thanks for all the embroidery instructions. I'll have to poke around some more now.

{kimmymade} said...

Hope it went well! Saw your pics on Flickr, and your set-up was gorgeous! As, of course, were your goodies :-)

janet said...

Still working on the blog post and hope to have it up later today. The show was not a good one (for anyone) but my booth turned out very cute.