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Happy Cyber Monday!

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satsumabug said...

I needed to look up how to do a blanket stitch earlier today, and found just what I needed at your Stitch School! I just spent much of the evening browsing through all the stitches and they really made me want to learn to embroider properly. :) Instead, I drew my mom a birthday card inspired by your site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/satsumabug/4151527393/

Thank you for the instruction and the inspiration!!


janet said...

Very cute, Lisa. And if you practice your embroidery stitches, next year you can make an embroidered version for her!

satsumabug said...

I just might do that! I used to do easy preprinted embroidery kits when I was younger -- still have an overambitious half-finished one around somewhere!