beads, beads, and more beads

About ten years ago I thought I might start making beaded jewelry and I went a little crazy buying beads. What can I say—I had a full-time job, plenty of money, and beads can be really addictive. I even went to a big bead show at a hotel ballroom in New York. Those were the days.

apple coral beads
Apple coral disk beads

But, when I thought about businesses to pursue and looked around at the huge number of jewelry makers out there—all with more experience than I, I had a change of heart. And went in a whole different direction.

As part of my reorganizing efforts, I recently started to sort through all the beads I bought and I've decided to sell off most of them.

striped Venetian glass beads
Round carnelian beads

These are mostly ethnic-type beads with lots of Bali silver, African trade beads, amulets and charms from India and the Middle East, and some pretty semiprecious stone beads (turquoise, carnelian, garnet, and lapis). These will probably only be of interest to you if you make jewelry yourself but feel free to spread the word to any jewelry-making friends. Prices are what I paid when I purchased them—I'm not interested in making a profit from these, just in getting rid of things I know I'll never use. And I'm happy to combine shipping costs if you're buying several items—you can fit a lot of beads in a small flat-rate box!

round carnelian beads
Antique Venetian glass trade beads

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Mom Wald said...

I've decided that 2010 is the year of organizing. In fact I just decided to clean my beads out too. Hmmm, is it contagious? Love the second photo. They have a warm glow to them.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!