A is for...

Over on her blog, Brown Gingham Creations (music warning), Melody had a fun suggestion. Once a month, on a Wednesday, she's going to do an alphabet-related post—starting with A, of course, and show something from her vintage collections. Aprons this time. She's asked others to join her and also post something related to A, then B, then C (as the weeks go on).

My first thought was to show aprons like Melody did. But, I've shown so many aprons over the years I've been blogging that you all know I collect them by now. How about something different? I'm going to try to stick to a needlework/sewing theme for this whole challenge - surely I can find something related for each letter of the alphabet. This idea had crossed my mind before but I needed a little push to make it happen :)

So, A is for applique. Applique is when you sew small pieces of fabric to a base fabric, turning under the edges as you go, and often combining it with embroidered details. I haven't entirely mastered the technique myself (smooth curves are my sticking point), but I have some beautiful examples in my collection.

A bunch of grapes from a tablecloth. It has cherries, too.

A section from a placemat; the top of the flower is open so you can insert a folded napkin.

More fruit—a pear and some cherries.

bonnet girl
A sunbonnet girl in red stripes.

polka dot poppy
A poppy done with polka dot fabric.

The skirt of this little girl's dress forms the pocket of the apron it's embroidered on; the top edge is open.

Another poppy, this one from a tablecloth embroidered by my grandmother. In spite of a few stubborn yellow stains, it's one of my most-treasured pieces. The edges of the poppy are sewn down with blanket stitch, then leaves and flower details are embroidered in black and green.

Click any of the photos to see larger versions on my Flickr page. And there's a closeup view of the second poppy so you can really see details. We'd be happy to have you join in and show us your collections. There's a link at the bottom of her post if you'd like to see what others have posted.


Melody said...

What a wonderful post. I knew you'd think of something so different. Love the appliques. The one with the poppy your Grandma did is so detailed.
Thanks for joining in.

Amy said...

this post just put any and all of my appliques to shame...how lovely!!!

Brook said...

I love the polka dot flower! so cute!

Mom Walds Place said...

Lovely applique! It's neat how they used their imaginations with those pockets.

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a wonderful post. I love these vintage appliques. Thanks for sharing.

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

"A" is for "A"dding you to my favorite because I am totally "A"mazed at your talent and can't wait to get home tonight and finish ready your blog! So glad I found you!

lindaannga said...

Can you say BUSTED! Yep that was me when I poped into you blog this morning at work with my speakers wide open! Yep everone heard the wonderful music! I guess I will have to keep a closer eye on those speakers!! LOL!! Oh by the way love the applique, I might have to try that! Thanks for sharing!

janet said...

Sorry about that lindaannga - I meant to put a music warning on the link so you'd be warned and I forgot. I've fixed it now.

poor said...

I love appliques for my baby.A little bit of it makes a dress or a blanket look so cool.I am inspired and after many long years I am going to start it once again.

gwen said...

I'm in love with the pear...

ended up here looking for some German glass buttons. Nice bunch of stuff you've got, I'm subscribing :]