vintage laundry bags

I'm not sure that laundry bags are all that popular these days. I don't think I've used one myself since my college days when I had to haul my clothes to the laundromat five blocks away from my apartment. Now I just use an old wicker laundry basket to haul things downstairs to the washer. And one of my cats really likes to ride back upstairs on top of the just-dried warm clothing.

But back in the day pretty laundry bags were much more common. The three shown here are ones I've collected during the past year and that I've decided to sell on my website. They're also not too difficult to make yourself from a piece of pretty vintage fabric so use these as inspiration if you like.

This first is sewn from a piece of vintage polished cotton with lilacs. I bought a large piece of this same fabric a couple of years earlier so I'm sure it's the same design even if the polish has been laundered out.

lilacs laundry bag

The second bag is sewn from a bright red and green floral - chrysanthemums, I think, and has a double pocket along the bottom. It's decorated with white chain stitch embroidery along the edges—very simple and pretty.

red floral laundry bag

pocket embroidery

The third is made from heavyweight white cotton and has the word laundry and two colorful parrots embroidered on it.

embroidered laundry bag

This last one is from my personal collection—I may part with it someday but not just yet. It's designed to slip over a hanger and is probably for smaller items like lingerie. Super cute embroidery of a sailor cat with the letters spelled out on little flags. I have this hanging on my laundry room wall!

sailor cat


Kara said...

Thanks for sharing these! I was just thinking I needed to make a couple of laundry bags and these are good inspiration.

Melody said...

OOOH Janet, those are so pretty. I love the one on the hanger. I've seen clothes pin bags like that, but not laundry. You oughta make a pattern and do some like that. Hey I just realized you've got a 'B' already Vintage Laundry 'B'ags!

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Laundry bags and lilacs are a few of my favorite things! Thanks for the indulgence. Have a wonderful day. deb

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Lovely collection!
One is prettier than the next, but I think I like those lilacs the best.

Kimberly :-)