Vintage Alphabet Party: F is for ...

Feedsacks. I'll show you a few of my favorites but will also extend an invitation to visit the Flickr Feedsacks group that I moderate. There are currently 34 members who have posted 859 photos and there are some gorgeous ones! Join us if you like.

And be sure to read my interview with Sharon Stark from Sharon's Antiques: Vintage Fabrics for some history and more info about them.


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Debbi said...

Amazing feedsack prints!

{kimmymade} said...

Aaaah, feedsack. We share a love affair with feedsack :-)

chris said...

Feed sack prints are one of my favorites! You showed some really adorable ones!
Best wishes,

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Gorgeous! Love that second one.
I did Feedsacks, too. Trying to show the Fabric collection seemed a bit overwhelming, so I had to narrow it down. LOL

There are some great prints in the Flickr group!
Kimberly :-)

Cathy said...

Those beautiful feedsack prints remind me of the cushions on my Grandparents porch chairs. What memories! ahhhh.


Melody said...

Love the Feed Sack material. And, as for coming up with E&F...lol I had a hard time thinking of either letter!! I had to walk around the house..Jim thought I was nuts. I was at the point I was going to use you stitch school with the Feather Stitch...French knot..any stitch I could find that began F.
G,H,I is next month. We'll have dueling hankies hehehe. I've got a while to think of G and I.