another shop update

Please excuse my lack of blogging lately. I've been so busy with gardening and outdoor stuff (weeding...lots of weeding), cleaning my screened porch to get it ready for summer, and working, of course.

pink floral pot holder

The pot holders are finally listed on the website and don't worry if you fall in love with the citrus one that's already sold. I have more of all the fabrics I used so can make another set, or possibly two. The upcoming ones all have embroidered fruits and I have yet to do that embroidery so it may be a while.

vintage eyelet sachet

Also up is a brand new batch of eyelet sachets. They've been redesigned to be smaller and cuter (more buttons!) than their previous design. And they're less expensive than their handkerchief cousins. I wish I could offer them at an even lower price but they do use vintage eyelet and buttons, which are getting more expensive. Must be the popularity of vintage!

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Mom Walds Place said...

Never apologize for having a life! Besides, we're forward to photos of your flowers. Speaking of which, nice pink hotpad!