shop update

I spent most of yesterday going through the plastic buttons on my website. I hate to remove buttons, even if they've been listed for a while, because someone always comes along to buy them eventually. But, I now have such a backlog of buttons that are photographed and ready to go that I really had to make space for them. So, I removed some of the ordinary ones (black, white, shirt-type) and added a bunch of colorful, fun, and unusual buttons. Think flower shapes, pierced designs, swirls and twists, and bright colors. You'll find new buttons on page 4 in the plastic buttons section.

vintage plastic buttons

Hopefully this will drum up some interest because business has been pretty slow this month :(

A note for my international readers—shipping buttons overseas can be quite reasonable as long as you're not in a hurry for them. First-class international in a small padded envelope (which can hold several button cards) usually costs just a few dollars; the only problem is that the post office won't give an arrival date and it could take several weeks. In my experience though (recently to Norway, England, and Japan) it often takes just a week, especially if you live in a larger city. You can always email me before ordering if you want an exact shipping cost.

I've also been working on a new batch of pot holders for the site. I have a dozen almost done but ran out of the felt that I use for the insides. A trip to the fabric store today will take care of that! Hopefully I'll have them listed by the end of this week.

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