catching up

I'm participating in the 18th Annual Our Lady of Snows/Church of St. Benedict Country Bazaar next weekend and I've been sewing, organizing, and tagging items like crazy. I'll drop off my things on Thursday afternoon and the show will take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 6 to 11pm. It's located on the grounds of St. Benedict's outside of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, in case you're close enough to check it out. It's a group booth and I may not actually be there during the show, although I did offer to fill in if they run short of helpers. I'm thinking of doing another show next month as well - will let you know about that as we get closer.

And, in an effort to update my computer skills a bit, I'm taking a class in InDesign at the University of Scranton for four Wednesdays in a row. You'll only have heard of this program if you work in design or publishing—it's pretty much for creating publications and advertising. I've always used QuarkXPress but InDesign is the current thing and I need to know how to use it for freelance work and possibly full-time work in the future. I forgot how tiring it is to sit in a classroom for seven hours. And, there are only two students so half the questions the teacher throws out are directed to me :)

Our vegetable garden has been producing like crazy, too. I've eaten so many green beans in the past two weeks that I'm starting to feel a little green myself. I can highly recommend this salad recipe if you're experiencing a green bean surplus—it calls for three pounds of them (but you can cut it in half or quarters). Next up will be beets and corn so I'd better get out the cookbooks again!

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giddy99 said...

I love green beans! Good luck with your upcoming shows, too!