flea market finds - buttons

Last but not least are vintage buttons! I wasn't necessarily looking for buttons on this trip because I have so many already but I couldn't turn down a bargain. And many of these are the 7/8" and 1" sizes that I use for tissue cozies. I don't know why that size is so hard to find or maybe it's just that I use so many :)

vintage buttons

pierced flower buttons
I love this Ultra Kraft pierced flower design!

And these Lansing double scalloped-edge flowers!

And these unusual beige shank buttons with a triple pebbled design on the top.

My next big trip will be to the Madison-Bouckville antique show in upstate New York in August but I hope to do some scouting locally in the meantime. I'm still hunting for vintage white eyelet for my sachets.


Jeanne said...

Cute buttons. Do you have plans for them yet?

Sharon said...

You have some mah-ve-lous stuff here. I'm going to "bookmark" this blog and your stitching one too. We have a lot of common interests!

ArtL8dy at etsy

Mom Walds Place said...

These are PERFECT for your cozies!

handmade toddler clothes said...

So fortunate to find such nice buttons..

iHanna said...

those are some great finds mrs. primrose! frame-worthy really. :-)

happy summer!

atul goswami said...