flea market finds - fabric

I've been using more vintage fabric lately - some shops request only that - so one of the things on my list this past weekend was fabric. And I found some pretty ones, including a batch of already-cut quilt blocks that I'll show in another post.

vintage fabric: burgundy floral
This burgundy floral has the appearance of feedsack but is actually yardage — almost 6 yards worth!

vintage fabric: blue ovals
I love the print on this. From a distance it looked like little dragonflies but is actually a pattern of blue ovals and black atomic-looking things on a white background. It's a smallish piece, less than a yard.

vintage fabric: teacups and plates
And finally we have a soft cotton with little blue, navy, and red pieces of china—teacups, saucers, plates, and pitchers. Someone had made this into a tea towel with blue bound edges; that half fell off in the wash so I removed it and will use this for the fabric.

Still need to scan the quilt blocks so I'll show you those next. Hint: there are three colorways of the same plaid fabric and a bunch of 1930s-40s prints!


Melody said...

Oh Janet,
You found some really neat textiles there. I love the towel material.

Over Yonder said...

Those are so yummy! (if fabric can be yummy) I have a box of vintage fabric in my garage I need to do something with!

Halle said...

I was totally thinking dragonflies too! Great fabrics...lucky girl.

Karen said...

More yummy fabrics!! I have a real hard time finding fabrics at the flea markets or the thrift store here in SC. Don't know why!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Great fabrics! Such fun prints.
Gotta love the flea market. :-)

Happy sewing.