flea market finds - pillowcases

Still hot but I'm tired of whining about it. We're closing up the house during the day to keep the cool inside, and eating cold suppers on the porch late after the sun has gone down. It gets cool enough to sleep at night, thank god.

I thought I'd start showing some of my flea market finds from last weekend - that's what you're really here for :)

First up are pillowcases...


This is a pair of heavy cotton (tag says utility muslin) pillowcases with white and deep aqua crochet edging. Notice that it's the exact color of my bedroom walls, so I'm keeping these. In fact, they're on my bed right now. I don't know what it is about vintage sheets and pillowcases but they just feel crisper and I seem to be sleeping better since I put them on. OK, maybe I'm imagining that. I got these for an unbelievable $6 - for the pair!

And then I found a mint condition baby pillowcase with the original tag still attached. This is from Madeira, an island off the coast of Africa that is actually part of Portugal and they're well-known for their embroidery artisans. Check out this site for some examples - gorgeous work! Nice heavy cotton again, with blue embroidered scalloped bottom edge and sweet little appliqued and embroidered pink and blue lambs.

baby pillowcase


Tomorrow I'll show some of the cool fabrics I found!


giddy99 said...

I agree - vintage linens DO sleep better! Lovely finds. :)

Melody said...

Ya do sleep better on a pretty bed.
We got to go to a Flea Market Sun!
Come over an see what I passed on.

Rachel said...

The older fabrics have a better weight and a higher thread density, so they don't wrinkle up when you turn over!

pussman said...

oooh, this is so cool!