flea market finds - quilt stuff

Today I have a bunch of quilt-related things. I found a bag of these diamond-shaped quilt blocks and I'm not sure how I'll use them—as they were intended or for the fabric. I love the center bottom one and wish I had yards and yards of it!

quilt diamonds

I also found a bag of larger square blocks (about 4 inches) that were mostly three colorways of the same plaid. I think I like the red-pink-beige one best but they're all pretty.

red-blue-beige-pink colorway

yellow-blue-orange colorway

yellow-orange-brown colorway

And finally there are two Grandmother's Quilt Patterns from Daily News - New York's Picture Newspaper. Pilot Wheel and Garland of Leaves designs. No date on these but definitely older.

quilt pattern

quilt pattern

They're printed as a folder and there are several other patterns (one sheet each) tucked inside. Cool idea for packaging them.

Last up, probably tomorrow, are some of the buttons I found. Hope you all have a great Sunday! It's much cooler here today but I swore I wouldn't complain about it. I might even get some gardening in later this morning.


Karen said...

Wonderful finds! I adore the fabric triangles, such great fabrics!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I love the first blue print in the top row.

Kimberly :-)