Vintage Alphabet Party - L and M

L is for Lawn, the fabric that's used for my favorite vintage handkerchiefs. The name is derived from "Laon", the city in France known for it's production of lawn, and it's a lightweight, sheer, and slightly crisp cotton that is usually white but can also be dyed or printed. It was used a lot for blouses, dresses, nightgowns, children's clothing, and handkerchiefs. 

lawn handkerchief

lawn handkerchief

I particularly like the small-scale floral prints. I have five or six of these in my personal collection—i.e. they won't get cut up for sachets any time soon :)

lawn handkerchief

lawn handkerchief

And M is for Monograms, also found most commonly on handkerchiefs (but also dinner napkins, towels, and pillowcases). Following are two from my collection. And I did a Stitch School post about monograms with lots of great examples of embroidery styles used—you'll find that here.

monogram hanky - H

monogram hanky - J

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Melody said...

Oh Janet, What neat vintage treasures! Those hankies are so pretty.

Jan LaFollette said...

The fun part of participating in this party is trying to come up with original items to match the letters of the alphabet....I think you just won the prize....I would never have thought of lawn or monogram. Outstanding. I think lawn was a very elegant fabric back in the day. Your hankies are outstanding and the variety of monograms is wonderful.

janet said...

Jan, what's even harder is that I'm trying to stick to textile and needlework-related subjects. I almost did lace, but then remembered that I've never shown off the lawn hankies. Glad you like them!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I almost need to do several posts for the L and M. I have too many collections with those letters. LOL

Kimberly :-)

Debbi said...

Janet, I learned something new today about the hankies! Very interesting textile information and history. Thanks for sharing in the alphabet party!

rebekka said...

I can't even TELL you how much I LOVE THOSE LINENS!!!

Mom Walds Place said...

Thanks, now I understand what Lawn is. I would love to have some to make sachets with. Yours is so beautiful it is no wonder that you do not want to cut it!

janet said...

I'd love to find yards and yards of lawn, but I never see it sold that way. I'm lucky to find the hankies when I do. Maybe some day I'll find a stash of it - you never know!