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Last week I delivered a new batch of products to Green Being in Scranton—a few pillows (including the cute dog pillow shown here), lots of tissue cozies, mini wallets, pot holders, and some of the new key fobs. Just in time for the new Marywood and University of Scranton students arriving to start classes. And just in time for First Friday on Friday night!

Monday, Monday

First Friday art walks are held on the first Friday of each month at galleries and businesses around downtown Scranton. They all stay open late and showcase local art, photography, music, performance art - you never know what you'll find! Be sure to check out the local restaurants and clubs, too—make a night of it!

vintage fabric key fob

It's tough out there for small businesses these days and I think we should all make an effort to support local artists and keep things in our own neighborhoods when we can. Buy great produce from local farms at the farmer's market (we still have lovely peaches at ours, and the apples are just starting to come in—smells like fall). Attend local functions like First Fridays (or whatever local events your town or city sponsors). Buy gifts at local independent retailers like Green Being, especially if you're looking for something unique, handcrafted, or one-of-a-kind.

My friend Alex, who owns Hello Bluebird, wrote a blog post a few days ago with a love letter to her customers that is so timely and important. She says what I'm trying to say here but much better than I ever could. Read it here.


Melody said...

Great post!

alexandra said...

oh, just saw that you posted this! thanks for your efforts, and hoping to see you soon!