meet Billy and Frisky

I absolutely love vintage children's illustration. There's something about the lack of color (or use of limited color, called two-color printing) and emphasis on beautiful black and white line work that is charming. So, I'm always picking up children's books while searching for vintage textiles.

Halloween Fun cover

The Billy and Frisky Stories follow the adventures of Billy Rabbit and Frisky Squirrel, two animal friends who try to make sense of the world around them just as children do. This edition, published in 1936 by Houghton Mifflin Company, is called Halloween Fun and Other Stories and is written by Julia Letheld Hahn and illustrated by Heman Fay, Jr.

billy and frisky

I love how animated and real these characters seem, even though they're drawn with just a few simple lines. The second color—green on some pages, orange on others—helps to shape the backgrounds. Here are a few of my favorite illustrations:

billy and frisky

Hope you all had a great Halloween!


Melody said...

Billy and Frisky are too cute. Great graphic. Don't forget Market Monday is goin on over at Etsy Cottage Style Blogspot!
Sorry I can't atay long...my allergies are fired up..got more meds as well as the ones I usually take...these are all makin it reallll hard to do anything. Seem according to Doc this started way back in Sep/Oct when I was outside for the craft show at least now I know I wasn't goin crazy...or menopausal..phew..lol

Sabine said...

What a nice book!
I love the colour palette.