Just a little heads up that I'm in the process of switching web hosts today so my website might be a little wonky, or not visible to some people for a few hours. I'm doing this to save about $200 annually—definitely worth a few hassles! But I do apologize if you're experiencing any problems during the switch.


Melody said...

Hey Janet!
If you pop in and read this...I use
Network Solutions for Domain and
Webhost= under a $100 a year. You do it yourself..point and click...
it's great!

janet said...

I've used them in the past but I've got an even better deal than that. The host for my graphic design website allows you to add domains in the same space. I can fit Primrose in there with space to spare and it won't cost me anything extra. I honestly don't know why I didn't so this sooner.

FYI for anyone who's reading - the change is complete and everything seems to be working perfectly. I still have some pages to check but all looks good.