spring green

I mowed our lawn for the first time on Sunday—a fitting way to spend the first day of May. It seems early but the grass was so thick in places that I had trouble getting the mower over it.

And we've started some work in the vegetable garden, although only the cool weather veggies have been planted so far. Although it's been unusually warm this year, this is northeastern Pennsylvania and putting anything out before Memorial Day is somewhat of a risk.

The warm weather has brought out a burst of flowers. Our fruit trees are covered in blossoms, and parts of the lawn are carpeted with violets. We have three varieties—the white and purple ones shown here are probably the prettiest.

white violets

The ferns are staring to unfurl in the woods...

baby fern

The weeds are, well, growing like weeds. This plant, called mullein, has soft, furry leaves, which I'm sure is how it got it's nickname velvet plant. Later in the season it will have a tall yellow flower stalk. I'm not actually sure if it is a weed (I didn't plant it), but it's not a bad-looking one if it is.



Unknown said...

Yup, it's a weeed. Actually a 'wildflower' It's a keeper in my garden.

Annika said...

Hi there. I found your blog by accident, looking for embroidery inspiration. I really like what you have been posting and your Etsy shop is pretty neat! Hope you are having a nice spring!