no rest

You'd think, with all the products I got ready for the local shop opening, I'd be able to take some time off this week. I really intended to try. But already I can see it's not going to happen. I spent most of yesterday weeding the vegetable garden - amazing what a week of rain can do - and picked the last of the strawberries. Today I did laundry and mowed the lawn. And worked on the sachet stacks I started last week. I photographed products and made a new web page for vintage button jewelry (coming soon - still need to link the page to the rest of the website). I need to restock supplies since I'm out of almost everything and also source supplies for the embroidery class I'll be teaching at Green Being next month. I'm providing the materials needed for the class so I'm busy tracking down the best prices, mostly online but A.C.Moore has DMC floss on sale this week!

This coming Saturday is my annual trek to Shupp's Grove for their textiles-linen-button theme weekend (I always find great stuff) and I'm going to drop off a bunch of things to Hello Bluebird on the way home. And hopefully time it right for lunch at the french restaurant across the street. So, if you've visited Hello Bluebird lately and didn't find covered notebooks, mini wallets, or sachet stacks, don't despair. They're on the way!


Melody said...

Hi Janet! You have been very busy..
Can't wait to see the jewejry.
Wish we lived closer..love to go with ya to Shuppe Grove.

janet said...

I wish you lived closer, too. And you would love Shupp's Grove!