let them eat cake

vintage button hairpin

My sister-in-law, when she first saw these, said they looked like little cakes. Just don't try to eat them! They're so fun to make, although not quite as easy as they look. Not only do you have to find good color combinations but the buttons themselves need to stack together well. They are glued but it helps if they stack easily without wobbling first. And it helps to have a tool to clip the shanks from the buttons—I found mine at Joann Fabrics.

vintage button broochThe brooches are about 1.5 inches across and have silver pin backs with locking closures. The hairpins have a button stack that's about 1-inch across with a 2-inch long pin. I've sold these at craft shows for the past year or so; both are now available on my website here.

The card graphics are from a vintage (1953) crochet pattern book.

Look for a sale announcement and discount code for this weekend later today and have a happy 4th of July. Hopefully I'll find lots of great stuff at the flea market tomorrow and have cool stuff to show-and-tell next week!

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Ms. Moffatt said...

Beautiful use of the best buttons!