let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

...walking in a winter (um, Halloween?) wonderland...

10.30.11 snow

I never thought I'd be posting that I shoveled snow the day before Halloween but this is what my house looked like on Sunday morning. About 7 inches when all was said and done. It did warm up later and most of it melted, but it's freezing cold this morning and very icy in places. I hope this isn't a sign of the kind of winter we're going to have!

Bella had a very surprised look on her face :)

Bella in the snow

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Mary said...

Can you believe it? Last Wednesday,I went to the grocery store in shorts!Now I've had to pull out the insulated cover-alls just to go out to the barn in the morning. Summer to winter, with very little fall in between. Our leaves have just started to turn. Can't imagine what this winter is going to be like, but I will say, my horses have grown very heavy winter coats! Stay warm!