love is in the air

The winter seems so long and unbroken by holidays, except for Valentine's Day, that is. Not a get-off-work holiday but a nice break anyway. It's also a great time for a sale!

Valentine's Day Sale

Take 25% off your order total on the Primrose Design website from February 1-13 by entering discount code LOVE12 when you check out. The discount will be taken from your item total (regular shipping rates apply)—it's that simple.

Sachets make great gifts as do any of the small accessories I make. But maybe you want to do some shopping for yourself—that's OK, too :)

I'm working on a few new products (think aprons and electronics covers) but they're not quite ready to make their debut. I'll let you know.

FYI, the art I used to announce this sale is an actual vintage valentine's card from my collection. Vintage cards are a great item to collect—they're relatively inexpensive and easy to find at antique malls, and they lend themselves to creative displays, too.

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