50s plastic earrings

If you grew up in the 1950s and 60s, or just like to dress in vintage clothing and accessories, you'll recognize these plastic earrings. My mom, who went to college in the 50s, had tons of them. By the time I came along she didn't wear them anymore and I used them to play dress up and as part of my usual gypsy-inspired Halloween costumes.

lavender round

Anyway, I found a bunch of these last summer for a great price. I always intended to resell them since I have pierced ears and can't comfortably wear them. So, check my website for more—$7.50 a pair. All are in (at least) good condition with some tarnishing on the hardware in back, most are very good condition.

green square

Aren't the colors pretty—like candy?

peach "kite"

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Pragyan said...

Pretty! I had a few of these as a child when my ears were not pierced! :)