spring cleaning

I've been doing some fine-tuning to my website the past couple of weeks—a spring cleaning if you will. After a few bad losses at the post office, I needed to update shipping costs (yes, the post office raised their rates again recently and I hadn't gotten a chance to update mine). I've also adjusted prices down on some older vintage things, adjusted up a little on some of the handcrafted things (unfortunately, the price of materials has gone up, too), and added some new products to existing categories.

I consolidated the tea towels into one section. I don't have time for the embroidered ones these days so deleted that category. If I do decide to offer them again they'll be mixed in with the other towels. I've deleted the buttons hairpins, too (they weren't selling) but will continue to offer them in some of the shops that feature my products.

And I've been going through my vintage fabric collection—reevaluating what I like and think I'll use and deciding what I can part with. And I've added about 30 of them to my vintage fabrics category (you'll see a few examples in this post). Lots of florals, fun stripes, and even a few feedsacks.

Next up, an overhaul of the buttons. Oh, yes, my house, too :)

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