It made me happy to see a photo of President Obama and his daughters shopping on Saturday at an independent bookstore in Virginia. That's the kind of support that Small Business Saturday needs! Amazon is convenient for buying books but sometimes you don't know what you want and just want to browse. I miss real bookstores for that.

Yesterday's show turned out well—a very good turnout for a first-time event. And I hear they have plans to make it even larger next year, expanding out from the ballroom to other parts of the Masonic Temple building. It's a big building, too! If you're interested in 1920s architecture check out the video about it's history.

I'm hoping that the customer who purchased a mini wallet from me at the show reads this blog. Someone found your package lying on the ground and returned it to me. He (and I) had no way of contacting you because you paid with cash. So, if you were missing a package when you got home last night, please contact me. I'll be happy to pop it into the mail for you. And I will hold it for a while just in case.

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