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hillside mercantile

Primrose Design products are now available at Hillside Mercantile in Shavertown, Pennsylvania (near Wilkes-Barre)! The Mercantile is just one of the many places to visit at The Lands at Hillside Farms, a 19th century, 412-acre non-profit educational dairy farm. Each year the farm welcomes thousands of regional students and even some international ones—the last time I delivered products to the shop they were hosting a group of students visiting from France.

hillside farm mercantile

When you visit, you can tour the dairy barns (where you'll find Jersey, Holstein, and Brown Swiss cows) and visit the farm animals (including pigs, chickens, dorset sheep, alpine goats, Sardinian donkeys, and barn cats, of course). There's a gardening shed and greenhouses, too. Afterward stop at the dairy store for their famous ice cream and dairy products (from those same cows) and for other locally-produced foodstuffs (greens, breads, free-range eggs, honey, and maple syrup, to name just a few).

cute pig

The Mercantile is housed in a 19th century barn behind the dairy store. Under the direction of Noelle Mozloom, the shop is now focusing on locally-made products and crafts (artwork, soaps, candles, knitwear, children's items, and jewelry). My offerings include potholders, tea towels, sachets, wallets, zipper bags, key fobs, and a few pillows, like the Down on the Farm one shown here (actually there are two available). Featuring a vintage embroidered farmer with vintage carrot-themed fabric and carrot-shaped buttons, how perfect a fit is this for a working farm?

Down on the Farm

The Lands at Hillside Farms, 65 Hillside Road, Shavertown, PA 18708, (570) 696-2881

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Quilt Fabric Pizazz said...

What a great farm. Love the little vintage cross stitch incorporated into the pillow. This is such a great setting to have your work displayed.