a shop update

In case you haven't visited my website lately, I've been making some of my lavender-filled sachets in smaller sizes. The vintage handkerchief sachets are now available in an extra-small size of just under 5" square for $8.00.

Small Hanky Sachet

And I'm doing sachet stacks with two sachets in addition to the original three. The Double Stacks have sachets that are both the same size and made from the same vintage fabric, and they're tied with a slightly narrower grosgrain ribbon. Selling for $12.00. The original stacks of three are now called Triple Stacks.

Double Stacks

My sachets are big sellers for Mother's Day and I think the new sizes will be a nice addition to the product line. I'll be stocking up in both categories over the coming weeks in plenty of time for the holiday.

I haven't been very active here on Blogger this past year or so. Please join me on Pinterest, particularly the Primrose Design Products board, for advance notice of new designs.

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