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Not! All winter I've listened to friends talk about and viewed photos of their unusual amounts of snow—the snow that piled up all around us but somehow just missed us every time. Not this time. We had about 13 inches when we went to bed last night. And 22 inches this morning. And it's still coming down hard.


The barbecue grill has a pointy hat. The snow is just up to the wooden railing on the screened porch and is starting to come in through the screen. My cats have been "skating" out there all morning.


The snow plows go by every hour or so but there are very few cars out and it's pretty quiet. A good day to curl up with a book and a cup of something warm to drink. Clearing the driveway will have to wait.



B is for Button

Continuing the vintage alphabet theme started by Melody of Brown Gingham Creations, this month features the letter B.


It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that, B is for buttons! I've collected them since inheriting my grandmother's sewing basket, I use tons of them in my Primrose Design creations, and I sell them on my website, too (over a thousand so far).

Bluebird button card

I love the ones on pretty cards, German glass buttons, and anything brightly-colored and flower shaped. Oh, who am I kidding—I love all of them!


All of the buttons shown here have come and gone—all sold on Etsy or my website. You probably wonder how I can part with them but one thing I've learned is that there are always more to be discovered down the road!

Romper Set

Come join in the fun at the Etsy Cottage Style blog!


come sail away

Remember the cute sailor duck stamped-for-embroidery quilt block I showed you last summer? I finally got around to embroidering the block and what inspired me to complete it was this extremely cute sailing-themed fabric I found at JoAnn Fabrics last week.

sailor fabric

Isn't it perfect? For my color choices I picked up ones from the fabric and this worked up so quickly I could hardly believe it.

sailor duck quilt block
Still need to finish the anchor!

I'll probably combine this with another contrasting fabric—not sure what yet— and make a boy-themed pillow for one of the shops I sell at. And I think I have another block around here somewhere so I can make two pillows!

Ahoy, matey!


vintage laundry bags

I'm not sure that laundry bags are all that popular these days. I don't think I've used one myself since my college days when I had to haul my clothes to the laundromat five blocks away from my apartment. Now I just use an old wicker laundry basket to haul things downstairs to the washer. And one of my cats really likes to ride back upstairs on top of the just-dried warm clothing.

But back in the day pretty laundry bags were much more common. The three shown here are ones I've collected during the past year and that I've decided to sell on my website. They're also not too difficult to make yourself from a piece of pretty vintage fabric so use these as inspiration if you like.

This first is sewn from a piece of vintage polished cotton with lilacs. I bought a large piece of this same fabric a couple of years earlier so I'm sure it's the same design even if the polish has been laundered out.

lilacs laundry bag

The second bag is sewn from a bright red and green floral - chrysanthemums, I think, and has a double pocket along the bottom. It's decorated with white chain stitch embroidery along the edges—very simple and pretty.

red floral laundry bag

pocket embroidery

The third is made from heavyweight white cotton and has the word laundry and two colorful parrots embroidered on it.

embroidered laundry bag

This last one is from my personal collection—I may part with it someday but not just yet. It's designed to slip over a hanger and is probably for smaller items like lingerie. Super cute embroidery of a sailor cat with the letters spelled out on little flags. I have this hanging on my laundry room wall!

sailor cat


just us chicks

valentine chick

I'm sorry for my absence from blogging lately. This winter has been tough on me health wise and I'm trying but often feel like I'm slogging through my days. Getting actual work done is hard enough without talking about it, too. In spite of being spared most of the snow from the recent two blizzards (which seemed to just miss us here in northeastern Pennsylvania), spring can't get here fast enough for me!

I did want to wish you all a happy Valentine's Day with a cute illustration from a vintage valentine card. And direct you to an equally cute (and free!) Valentine's-themed embroidery pattern over on my Stitch School blog. It's part of my Year of Cats pattern and I'm offering the February design for your embroidering pleasure.


have a heart

A sachet heart for Valentine's Day, that is! Just added to the website are new heart-shaped sachets, all made from vintage eyelet, vintage and new fabrics, and vintage buttons. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

heart sachet

If you live near Scranton, PA you'll find more of these at Green Being or near West Reading, PA at Hello Bluebird.