in the garden

I'm having such a hard time lately coming up with subjects to blog about. Business in general hasn't been that great so I don't have spare cash to shop with and I haven't been doing much visiting of flea markets and yard sales as a result. I'll hopefully still have great finds to show you once the season officially starts but maybe not as much as in past years.

I have been working a lot outdoors. Well, except for yesterday when it was 90 degrees! I spent yesterday embroidering on my screened porch with the ceiling fan going full blast and a cold glass of iced tea on the table beside me. It helped to move as little as possible.

It's going to be just as hot today so I went out early with my camera and snapped a few shady garden pictures. Maybe looking at them will make us all feel cool!

lupine closeup

This is my new favorite flower—lupines. We planted a bunch of seeds last year but they don't flower until the second year so I'm just getting to see what they look like. And I love them! And want to plant lots more because they look so perfect at the edge of our woods.


And this is the walkway on the right side of our driveway, the one that leads up to the front yard and the kitchen porch. The stonework is gorgeous but I can't take credit for that—it's been here forever. There's a big cedar tree and rhododendrons, and a row of big hostas on either side of the walkway. This may be my favorite place in the garden. Maybe because it's complete and doesn't need a thing except maintenance.

shade garden

Stay cool out there. And if you have any blog post ideas let me know!