Valentine's Day Sale

Since I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate the holiday (see previous post—it's not too late), I might as well have a sale, too!

Valentine sale promo
The art I used for this is taken from a vintage valentine's card from the 1930s; you can see it here. I removed the hand-lettered type from underneath to make space for my own text. Interesting that peddling is not the correct spelling for the context of the card; it should have said pedaling. I used the difference to my advantage when I wrote my copy since I am peddling my wares to you :)


pretty in pink

***The giveaway is now closed to comments—and the winner is Mom Wald's Place! Thanks everyone for commenting and participating.***

heart sachet
It's been forever since I've sponsored a giveaway and Valentine's Day seems an appropriate time to have one, especially if it's for one of my heart-shaped sachets! Vintage pink cotton with vintage white eyelet layered over the top and a row of tiny pink buttons. Sweet.

Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner tomorrow evening. You won't receive it in time for Valentine's Day but these are cute for any time of the year. I'm going to have to limit this to U.S. readers only this time - sorry :(

I know I haven't been posting much lately - been busy with some graphic design work and other things - so let's see if I have any readers left :)