you can't judge a button...

By now, you probably all know that I love vintage buttons; I certainly write about them enough on this blog. You probably also know that I sell them on my website. That came about because I was buying so many mixed lots of buttons on Ebay. I'd see a bunch in the group that I loved and knew I could use in my work and also plenty that I knew wouldn't work. What to do with all the extras?

Just because I don't like a button doesn't mean that someone else won't either. Even buttons that I consider kind of ugly seem to sell. Ugly is probably too strong a word; strange might be better.

Here's an example. These vintage 1970s La Mode buttons were a funky color—variegated light and dark moss green. They're also very chunky and heavy in weight. I listed them on my website a couple of years ago. And they sat there, and sat there, and finally were bought recently by a knitter in New Jersey.

vintage moss green buttons

She sent a picture of the sweater she's working on and used the buttons for. Perfect, right?

sweater project

When you sell vintage things—perhaps when you sell anything—it's really just a matter of waiting for the right person to come along.

A big thank you to all the people who bought Primrose Design goodies at the craft show last weekend. I nearly sold out of hanky sachets. Plus, I got a wholesale order for more last night. So, you may not see many of them on my website for a couple of weeks. I'll be making more as soon as I can.


Don't forget the Abington Community Library Holiday Marketplace tomorrow. I'm heading over to set up my table in a couple of hours—I love that they let us do it ahead of time—much less stressful!

Holiday Marketplace Flyer 2011
I'll have my whole line of products available except for pillows. They take up so much space (you'd be surprised how quickly you can fill up a 6-foot-long table) and usually don't sell well at craft shows (who knows why?). A lot of my smaller things make great stocking stuffers and low-cost gifts for Secret Santas at the office or gifts for your child's teacher.

The show is for a great cause and I hope you'll stop by!


a new leaf

Yesterday afternoon I delivered a bunch of Primrose Design products to a local shop in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. And I'm happy to announce that, starting today and continuing though the months of November and December, you can purchase most of my line at The Green Leaf Organics.

Shop owner Celeste Gorton had some extra space to fill so invited a few local vendors to display their wares for the holidays. Green Leaf is located in a great space—a former dress shop with a beautiful black and white herringbone floor and some of the original wood fixtures. My grandmother was born and raised in Dunmore and I can just picture her shopping there back in the day.

And it's less than two weeks until the Abington Community Library Holiday Marketplace. This year's event has A Victorian Christmas theme and there will be readings from holiday classics and live music by violinist, Mark Woodyatt, from 1-3 pm. There's a gift basket raffle, bake sale, wrapping table, and a mini-market for young shoppers with inexpensively-priced gift items—something for everyone in other words. It's a great way to support the library and purchase unique holiday gifts by local crafters. I hope to see some of you there.