you can't judge a button...

By now, you probably all know that I love vintage buttons; I certainly write about them enough on this blog. You probably also know that I sell them on my website. That came about because I was buying so many mixed lots of buttons on Ebay. I'd see a bunch in the group that I loved and knew I could use in my work and also plenty that I knew wouldn't work. What to do with all the extras?

Just because I don't like a button doesn't mean that someone else won't either. Even buttons that I consider kind of ugly seem to sell. Ugly is probably too strong a word; strange might be better.

Here's an example. These vintage 1970s La Mode buttons were a funky color—variegated light and dark moss green. They're also very chunky and heavy in weight. I listed them on my website a couple of years ago. And they sat there, and sat there, and finally were bought recently by a knitter in New Jersey.

vintage moss green buttons

She sent a picture of the sweater she's working on and used the buttons for. Perfect, right?

sweater project

When you sell vintage things—perhaps when you sell anything—it's really just a matter of waiting for the right person to come along.

A big thank you to all the people who bought Primrose Design goodies at the craft show last weekend. I nearly sold out of hanky sachets. Plus, I got a wholesale order for more last night. So, you may not see many of them on my website for a couple of weeks. I'll be making more as soon as I can.