50s plastic earrings

If you grew up in the 1950s and 60s, or just like to dress in vintage clothing and accessories, you'll recognize these plastic earrings. My mom, who went to college in the 50s, had tons of them. By the time I came along she didn't wear them anymore and I used them to play dress up and as part of my usual gypsy-inspired Halloween costumes.

lavender round

Anyway, I found a bunch of these last summer for a great price. I always intended to resell them since I have pierced ears and can't comfortably wear them. So, check my website for more—$7.50 a pair. All are in (at least) good condition with some tarnishing on the hardware in back, most are very good condition.

green square

Aren't the colors pretty—like candy?

peach "kite"


hello spring

welcome spring
Happy first day of spring! My studio is blooming with pretty, flowery fabrics and the website is fully stocked with products. I'm a bit low on lavender sachet stacks (thanks to a customer in Minnesota who recently bought six!) but I've got a dozen more on my work table as we speak—look for them soon.

I'm going to try to find some time today to get outside—maybe take a walk—and say "Hello Spring"!


what to wear?

My last post was about spring cleaning, and what better way to celebrate spring than with a new apron. Well, really an old apron because these are all vintage. I've added a few pretty ones to the website...

appliqued apron

This is a very cool bib apron with gorgeous detail. Her skirt is appliqued pink and white gingham (also used for the binding and ties) and outlined in black embroidery. There are embroidered flowers on her bonnet, bodice, and skirt—all expertly done. I'm thinking this is from the 1960s—the illustration style looks very familiar. It's one of those on-the-tip-of-my-tongue but I can't quite remember things :)

appliqued apron detail

embroidered apron

The next one was probably done from a kit. Heavy cream cotton with cross-stitch embroidered flower packets—rose, daisy, lilac, and tulip—and a geometric border. Very spring, as our thoughts turn to getting our flower seeds ordered and planted. Although, to be realistic, you don't grow roses, lilacs, or tulips from seed.

embroidered apron detail

feedsack apron

A simple design for this next apron—a floral feedsack in red, pink, and a touch of blue that I haven't seen before. The scalloped bottom border and three tiers of creamy white rick rack are what make this one special!

feedsack apron detail

yellow floral apron

Last, but not least, is a reversible apron in a pretty yellow and blue floral with sheer yellow layer, bright yellow binding, notched bottom edge, and a row of rick rack on the pocket. So pretty!

yellow floral apron detail


spring cleaning

I've been doing some fine-tuning to my website the past couple of weeks—a spring cleaning if you will. After a few bad losses at the post office, I needed to update shipping costs (yes, the post office raised their rates again recently and I hadn't gotten a chance to update mine). I've also adjusted prices down on some older vintage things, adjusted up a little on some of the handcrafted things (unfortunately, the price of materials has gone up, too), and added some new products to existing categories.

I consolidated the tea towels into one section. I don't have time for the embroidered ones these days so deleted that category. If I do decide to offer them again they'll be mixed in with the other towels. I've deleted the buttons hairpins, too (they weren't selling) but will continue to offer them in some of the shops that feature my products.

And I've been going through my vintage fabric collection—reevaluating what I like and think I'll use and deciding what I can part with. And I've added about 30 of them to my vintage fabrics category (you'll see a few examples in this post). Lots of florals, fun stripes, and even a few feedsacks.

Next up, an overhaul of the buttons. Oh, yes, my house, too :)