May Day and a sale

May Day, which is related to the Celtic festival of Beltane, traditionally celebrates the first day of summer in the wheel of the year. (The summer solstice, which we call the first day of summer, is what they called mid-summer.) Pagan festivals weren't too popular with the Puritans so it never caught on here in the U.S. and isn't celebrated much today.

A nice way to celebrate this transition from spring to summer is with a May basket. Traditionally it was a small basket that you filled with flowers and sweets. You placed it on a neighbor's doorstep or hung it from the doorknob with ribbon, knocked on the door or rang the doorbell, then ran away before getting caught. The person receiving the basket would try to catch the fleeing giver and, if they did, a kiss was exchanged.

It's a slightly unconventional holiday to have a sale but I like doing things a bit differently. So, let's celebrate May Day with a sale. From May 1-4 on my website, take 30% off your order total by entering discount code VIOLETS when checking out. Regular shipping costs apply and the sale will end at midnight on May 4th.

May Day Sale
Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, too, so you might think about getting a gift for mom. I've just restocked the website with more of the vintage handkerchief sachets, which make lovely gifts. Many in this new batch feature hankies with embroidered flowers or bouquets so they fit right in with the May Day theme!

Vintage Handkerchief Sachet