vintage needlepoint

Yes, I know. I haven't posted for a month. I've had to cut back drastically on spending so haven't been visiting my usual vintage treasure hunting spots or spending much money at all this spring and summer. No hunting, not much to write about.

But I have bought a couple of things on Ebay that I want you to see - vintage needlepoint. The partially-completed kind where the motif is already done and you fill in the background with whatever color you choose.

needlepoint birds
A vaguely Asian-themed bird design

bird closeup
Closeup of one of the birds—great detail!

orange lilies
How could I resist one of my favorite flowers. And the colors are perfect!

These are both for my future dining room redo. Not sure when I'll get around to that but these will take a while to complete anyway. My dining room is actually part of the kitchen—one big room—and it's pretty basic now. A table and chairs in the center of the space. And a rug with black, cream, rusty red, golden yellow, and sage green.

There's strawberry print wallpaper from the previous owner and too much white in the kitchen area. But, there's a very nice window seat along one wall and I'd love to move the table near there and create a nook-type eating area. After I redo the walls, that is. I'm thinking light sage green for those, and possibly for the kitchen cabinets, too.

I'm picturing a box cushion on the window seat with lots of plump pillows and a few of these needlepoint cushions. I already have a bird theme going on with the framed needlepoint birds I found a few years ago (see this post). They'll be hanging nearby, too.