Stitch School: Beads.3

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Mrs. Hurzeler said...

Michaels is just advertising that they have a new bead wall for customers, and I know Walmart has quite a few nice beads too.

Bea said...

I've heard good stuff about Fire Mountain and Shipwreck -- and Rings 'n' Things, too! If you're wanting to do metal working (like sheets, etc.) then try Rio Grande.

Thanks for putting this list together. I love to see where everyone gets their beads -- I found a few new places that way!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely try some of these sites.

One site I've found that I didn't see on the list is Beaded Impressions at www.abeadstore.com. It has a good selection and Cynthia (the owner) believes in good customer service. She was very helpful on a couple of projects, giving specific suggestions and helpful hints.