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Blowout Pillow Sale!
I'm running out of space, I want to get started on new designs, I'm just plain sick of looking at them. Time for a blowout pillow sale! All pillows are now 30% off. Including this floral one made from a gorgeous vintage Waverly print and vintage ball fringe.

Two new embroidery patterns have been added—a design of a bird with strawberries that would be really pretty embroidered on a tea towel (the picture shows just the top part) and a cute 1930s-40s baby bib design.

You've got to see the original that the baby bib design was traced from. Isn't this little guy cute? I love the tinted areas (hopefully they won't wash out when I clean this after finishing the embroidery) and the beets. Although the one hoisting himself out of the ground is kind of scary. I love that children's designs from the 30s and 40s often have a slightly sinister quality to them. A little sweetness goes a long way in my opinion :)

beets bib

beets closeup

Don't forget that all patterns are Buy 1 Get 1 Free during the month of June.

And finally, I've been investigating ways to offer my patterns as pdf downloads. Selling to crafters in other countries has always been a problem because the shipping is so high. Heck, it's high here, too. Pdfs would solve that problem. More on this when I've figured out the details.

Happy summer! I totally missed the fact that Friday was the first day of summer. Probably because it was rainy and in the 60s and didn't feel much like summer :)


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via Down--To--Earth and I just love it! I LOVE to embroider and all things vintage. I think it really is a "forgotten" art but has been making a comeback. I'm so excited to have found your blog!!! Take care and happy summer!


Robbie said...

I've been wanting to get one of your pillows for a long time now. I didn't even finish reading your entry before rushing over to snag one.

Yeah!!! Happy Summer to you too!

janet said...

And you snagged an excellent one, too :)

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Janet,
Those embroidery patterns are so cute!

(I've been out of the blog loop lately so I'm trying to catch up.)
Sorry to hear about your job. That kind of thing can be so frustrating. Take advantage of the down time for your projects at home.
All I can say about the kitchen re-do is, I hope it goes faster than mine did. Seriously, I could have produced a human being in less time. LOL

It sound like you'll have plenty of work to keep you busy. Stripping wallpaper is no fun...but makes a big difference.
I hope we get to see pics of the finished room!

Kimberly :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! I want the creepy beet!

Bristol said...

The patterns are so cute~