catfood labels

Aren't these fun? Original can labels for Kalico Kat and Fuzzy Wuzzy brand cat foods! I found these at the Olde Engine Works Market Place in Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday. We woke up to a forecast of rain and figured we wouldn't get much done outdoors so we headed out for a day of antiquing.

I found a few cards of buttons, a small stack of sewing patterns, and some crocheted and embroidered hankies. And this funny appliqued towel—guess men didn't like drying dishes in the 1950s either!


Overall I found much less than I normally do. Maybe the economy is affecting the antique business, too—there were several empty booths and some of them had items that didn't seem all that old to me. David Bowie albums, for example? Maybe I'm being much pickier about what I buy. It is very early in the season and most of the outdoor flea markets haven't opened yet. That's where to find the real bargains.

We also had a nice lunch at Siamsa (I highly recommend the chicken pot pie, although you won't be eating dinner after eating it for lunch) and spent an hour or so browsing at Carroll & Carroll Books, both on Main Street. Found a lovely book—Some Flowers by Vita Sackville-West—with gorgeous watercolor illustrations accompanying short essays on her favorite flowers. For $9.98!


Unknown said...

Cute finds! I notice that there are a lot more empty booths at the antique malls here too, and some of the larger booths that are empty are being downsized at lower rent rates. I thought maybe Ebay was effecting mall sales, but since its in your area too, maybe it is the economy. A lot of booths have 1980's and newer filled in recently. Maybe we're still young enough to remember the 80's ( I graduated in 1979) and I can't see any of that being vintage...I still wear some of the shirts for pete's sake.! lol ;>

Sioux B said...

Ah, me oh my, David Bowie albums are turning up in antique booths. It is a terrible truth, that the songs we loved in grade school and high school, and still love to listen to, are now officially oldies. Just to pour lemon juice on this particular paper cut, I looked up a David Bowie discography. His first album was in 1965. Hunky Dory, one of my favorites, came out in 1971. That was ... egad ... 38 years ago. I have coworkers younger than that.

Sad as it seems, at least some of the David Bowie vinyl belongs in the antique bin. *sigh*

On a brighter note, the towel is a hoot. I wonder whether it is the chore or the apron that is causing the scowl?

Artistic Expressions said...

I love the way the apron matches some of the dinnerware! You find and make the most wonderful things :) Thanks for sharing. Sally

annasoc said...

I love the cat labels. I really haven't noticed antiquing because I haven't been around here at all. I did go to Savage Mill for a yarn show a few weeks ago, and there was an antiques mall and there did seem to be plenty of dealers, but hardly anyone browsing.